Pogson Decorators Ltd: Professional commercial, domestic industrial painters and decorators

Founded in 1974 by our proprietor, Bob Pogson, we have developed, grown and flourished over the years.

From the humble beginnings of a one man band, Pogson Decorators ltd has advanced into a thriving and leading decorating company, renowned for its quality workmanship UK-wide.

Specialising in commercial painting and decorating projects, you can also employ our highly skilled team for domestic and industrial projects.

You can trust in us for a well managed and quality assured decorating project. Our team of painters and decorators ensure the project is how you wish it to be on time and on budget. High standards ensure high quality results.

Have a well-managed and beautifully executed decorating project with us:

  • Our free quotes are competitive and available for all types of projects - domestic, commercial or industrial.
  • No matter your location, we provide a UK-wide service.
  • The standards of workmanship available are of the highest quality.
  • We ensure our excellent standards are maintained by not sub-contracting and always using our own, highly skilled employees.
  • All sized decorating projects are undertaken and we always deliver your project within your budget and on time.

Choose a decorating company
that won't cut corners. Call
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